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September 29, 2022
Istanbul Real Estate

Melares, the only address to apply in the real estate sector, is proud to serve you. Melares company; is one of the most important companies in the real estate sector, which conducts construction projects, marketing, and sales operations. It uses the experience and knowledge of its long years in the industry in the analytical processes it creates to satisfy its customers. Melares, a Turkish company, evaluates your real estate demands most accurately within the scope of Turkey’s cultural, social, and economic structure and enables you to make the right decisions. Melares firm conducts its activities in many places, such as Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Izmit-Kocaeli, and Fethiye-Mugla, which has become the most important and active in Turkey’s real estate sector. However, as expected, Istanbul is the real estate market with the highest demand and supply, and Istanbul real estate is ready to assist you in this matter and at every stage.

The Best Address for the Real Estate Industry in Istanbul

As in every subject, the need for real estate in Istanbul causes a problematic, troublesome, and stressful process. In such a case, the requested apartment, villa, office, commercial unit, etc. Istanbul real estate meets your needs in line with the criteria you set with its existing real estate portfolio all over Istanbul. Melares serve you with a trained and professional real estate expert team who have worked in the sector for many years for your real estate or all kinds of real estate requests, whether for use or sanction purposes. The most crucial criterion for selling real estate is the location or region in which it is located. In this district, of Istanbul, within the complex or detached, completed, or designed residence or mansion, construction started, or in the design stage, Istanbul real estate can meet all your demands. You can decide on the most relevant real estate for you by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the numerous alternatives in question with Melares’ expert staff at


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