Tips for buying clothing tag gun from a wholesale site online

Clothing tag gun is used to pull out the fabric strips that are left in the hem after sewing a garment. It works best with woven garments, particularly dresses and skirts. Clothes tag guns can be found on most sewing supply websites as well as in fabric stores. This is usually done before washing a garment so you don’t damage it when removing the tags. The gun has a safety button – if you hold it down, then it will not fire until you release it again. This is different from many other types of guns which fire by pulling the trigger, meaning accidents are possible if there are any other children or pets around who might be tempted to touch it.

Tips for buying clothing tag gun from a wholesale site online

1. Ensure that it is lightweight and easy to hold. Most clothing tag guns are compact, so they won’t take up much space in your sewing basket. This will make it easier to find somewhere safe to store it when they are not in use.

2. Look for a wholesale site that offers fast, friendly and prompt customer service as well as a money back warranty if you need it. When shopping with an online retailer who sells items at a lower price than their competitors, you have to be sure that the item is of good quality or else the manufacturer will not stand behind their product in the event of a problem.

3. Ensure that you read the user instructions before using your new clothing tag gun for the first time. It is a good idea to read through all the instructions before you need to use it, so you will know how to load it and clean it after use.

4. While there is no need to buy a clothing tag gun in most cases, if you have a lot of sewing projects on the go you might want to invest in one. They are not expensive and are really useful for anyone who does a lot of hemming on their own.

5. Look for an online wholesale site seller who offers competitive shipping rates as well as fast delivery times so that you don’t have to wait days or weeks for your new clothing tag gun.

6. Check to see if the clothing tag gun comes with accessories such as extra carbon leads, extra dies and cleaning brushes. You might want to use this type of tool to debur the edges of your fabric for a neater finish, so it is better to have all these extras provided for you.

7. If you are not sure what size clothing tag gun is best for you, read the product description carefully. Usually the length of the metal cord that attaches to your garment will be included in product specifications on any wholesale site selling this sort of sewing tool.


Clothing tag guns have been around for a long time, but they are still sold today and are used by tailors and dressmakers on a regular basis. Whether you should purchase one for yourself depends on your sewing skills, how often you sew and if you have children or pets at home. If you use clothing tag gun on a regular basis, then it is a good investment to make to improve the quality of the hem over an entire garment without damaging it in the process.

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