LED High Mast Lights

November 24, 2022
LED high mast lights

Generally, high mast lights are used to light large areas such as highways or recreational fields. The high mast lights are tall poles with lighting attached to the top.


Unlike traditional high mast lighting, LED high mast lights are specially designed for large area illumination. They are ideal for stadiums, tennis courts, sports facilities and other places that need illumination of large areas. They are also known for their energy-saving properties.

The Series M LED high mast light is a high-power floodlight that has four different luminous angles. The light has a luminous flux of up to 126000 lm. The cool-down effect is also good, and it is suitable for large-scale lighting applications. It is a good choice for professional golf courses.

The LED lens must be cleaned frequently to keep the light transmission high. Mecree uses stainless steel screws to fix the high mast light fixtures. They are designed for wind resistance.


Among the many manufacturers of high mast lights, Golon is one of the most respected. It offers a variety of high mast types, including LED high mast lights. These products are designed to enhance safety and visibility. They are also suitable for cell communication towers and wind towers. They are available in a powder coat finish for added style.

There are a number of reasons to choose LED high mast lights over the traditional types. They offer significant savings in energy costs. In addition, they have a long functional life, allowing them to last up to 100,000 hours. Moreover, they degrade gradually, which reduces maintenance costs over time.


RC Lighting has been providing high mast lighting services for over a decade. They offer both commercial and residential outdoor lighting products and services. Their lights are made from strong materials and are tested thoroughly before being shipped. They offer high-quality LED drivers and smart lighting solutions. The company also offers custom design, OEM/ODM services and 24/7 customer support.

The SolarMax LED High Mast is a high-performance outdoor light that is ideal for tall poles. It features advanced LED technology that provides up to 80% energy savings. It also delivers a range of 31,600 to 118,000 lumens. It can replace a 2000W HPS light and is recommended for large outdoor areas.


Using LEDs in high mast lights can help you save up to 65% in energy costs. LEDs are also more durable and last for twice as long as high pressure sodium (HID) lights.

LED high mast lights are available in a variety of styles and wattages. A typical HID bulb’s wattage ranges from 400 to 2,000 watts for standard high mast installations.

LED high mast lights are best for parking lots, airports, railway yards, and other large outdoor areas. Typical LED high mast lighting fixtures are mounted at 60 ft to 100 ft above the ground. They are also available in different beam angles and brightness levels.


AEON led high mast lights offer a wide range of illumination. This technology is ideal for places that need a lot of illumination such as parking lots and airports. They are also great for railway yards and other outdoor applications. They provide crisp illumination without the glare or visual discomfort associated with HID bulbs.

The AEON PNR series is a good example. It has a 500W output with 69,200 delivered lumens. This is one of the biggest wattage values in a high mast luminaire.

The LED high mast light is a great energy efficient lighting solution. Using LEDs for this type of light application means you save up to 83% of your energy bill. It also means you will need to make fewer maintenance changes to keep the lights running.


Providing optimal visibility and optimal energy efficiency, AGC HighFocus LED high mast luminaires push the limits of performance. They offer a high ROI, superior optical performance, and reliability.

High mast lighting systems are ideal for a variety of applications, including roadways, freight terminals, athletic fields, and airport aprons. Depending on your requirements, you can use multiple control strategies to customize the lighting output. These systems can also incorporate occupancy controls, time clocks, and photocontrols.

High mast luminaires usually produce tens of thousands of lumens. Typically, they consume hundreds of watts. In order to operate effectively, these luminaires must be durable in extreme environments. They also need to be able to withstand transient overvoltages.


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