Web Design for Family Lawyers

October 8, 2022
Web Design for Family Lawyers

If you’re a family lawyer, you’ll likely want to create a professional looking web site. You may even want to include custom photography. This adds a personal touch to your web pages, and will also help you with your marketing materials, articles, and presentations. In addition to web design, custom photography is a great way to brand your firm and add a personal touch to your website.

SEO-optimized web pages

There are several ways to get SEO-optimized web pages for your family lawyer practice. Landing pages are an excellent option for law firms with multiple offices. You can create a separate landing page for each city you serve. However, landing pages do not lend themselves to editorial outreach, and few high-quality websites link back to them. Another option is to write blog posts. Blogging is a proven SEO strategy that attracts visitors who are still in discovery mode.

The design of your site is also an important factor for ranking well. It should be easy to navigate and be mobile-friendly. Ideally, the web pages will load quickly. In addition, the organization of the site should be organized so that potential clients can easily find the information they need. Also, keep your website updated frequently, as search engines like fresh content and relevant information. This is why it is important to master SEO for your lawyer website.

Professional images

It’s important to use high-quality, professional images on your family lawyer website design. You may use stock photos or choose more creative images that show your attorney in his or her natural environment. Photos that look like advertisements are instantly recognizable and may make visitors question your legal services. A professionally-taken photo of your attorney will reflect his or her personality: a confident smile, an elegant stance, and a tasteful dress.

You should also use a color scheme that conveys a professional image. Try not to use too many colors, but choose a neutral color palette. Keep the text legible, too. Lastly, use professional images that give prospective clients an idea of the types of cases you handle. Make sure to display any awards that your firm has received.

Contact forms

In addition to having a good web design, it is also important to include contact forms for visitors to contact you. Contact forms can make your website more visible and help you generate more leads. The type of form that you choose can greatly impact the amount of traffic that comes through it. For example, you might include a contact form on your landing page, and this will help people find your website more easily. The type of information that you include on your contact form can also affect your SEO.

If your website has contact forms, you can make sure that people can submit them at any time. While many people feel hesitant to use contact forms, they can be a tremendous benefit for you. Potential clients can evaluate your responses to their inquiries on a form without being exposed to your lawyer’s personal or business information. This way, you can spend more time helping people in need of legal counsel.


Branding your family lawyer business online is critical to your success. The website is the heart of your marketing efforts, so you need to make sure it is optimized for search engines. Your website should be easy to navigate and provide a variety of ways for visitors to contact you. It is also important to test your website’s usability. For example, your grandfather’s computer might have difficulty locating your contact information, while your niece’s phone might be inaccessible.

Your website must reflect the professionalism of your firm. Its layout should be simple and uncluttered to convey a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism. Use crisp, clean fonts and images for the best results.

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